How They are Made

All knives are 100% hand made by me (I am a one-man shop).
Warranty – My knives have a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship as long as they’re used for the intended purpose.
Steel – My favorite steel is ATS-34 and 154CM.
Knives are hollow ground to a mirror or hand rubbed finish. Tangs are full tapered and handguards are stainless steel or nickel silver.
Handle Material – Micarta is my standard material. Other materials such as mammoth ivory, stabilized woods are slightly higher.
Sheaths – My sheaths are hand made and hand stitched from 8 to 9 oz. vegetable tanned leather, either plain or tooled.
Design – I have many patterns both my own and classic, if you have something in mind send a drawing we can work from.

I would like to express my appreciation to Wayne Clay of Pelham Tn. for sharing his time, experience and friendship. Wayne has made thousands of knives and worked in the shop of Bob Loveless of Riverside, CA

Thanks Wayne.